An early (very late) Christmas present….

So….where do we begin?

A long long time ago, so many years infact I can’t remember how many, ┬áJed and myself set out to make the WW2 mod we wanted to play. The sort of mod we’d like to play that had some thinking behind it and if anyone else liked it great, but it was mostly for us. We wanted a mod where you explored the lesser known battles of WW2 with forces you rarely played as such as the Canadian and Polish Commonwealth forces. Work started slowly and in secret for the best part of a year before we realised we had something nice and needed some extra help.

Over the following years we built the team up to a solid set of core contributors and other tag alongs who helped where they could and we got so close to a release, except that day was about 3 years ago not today. Everything had been going well and we had weekly or fortnightly tests often with a full server and then things kind of just…stopped. Unlike a lot of mod teams most of us were in our late 20′s and 30′s and had other things to do instead of sit around all night and make video games. Most of us were at University or tied down with other big life events (babies and marriage being a common theme) and one by one we all got caught up in something that required more time than we had.

Jed had to step down his involvement in the mod for various reasons and I took up a lot more of the responsibilities and then in a bizarre turn of events I went from being a unemployed graduate to being offered a job at a video games company to being made redundant and then re-employed at another game studio all within 3 weeks. It was a tumultuous time and was the beginning of a slippery slope of slowing progress. The rest of the team did their best but with the leadership effectively removed and unable to give the time needed things slowly dropped off and more and more of the team slowly slipped away.

But that’s not the end of the story, not yet.
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Lest we forget

Remembrance Sunday once again and a time to reflect on all those who gave their lives for us in wars present and past.

We will be having a news update shortly about where we are with the project and whats next, but I don’t want to take away from this update.

D + 369

It’s probably not eluded some of you that it was just over a year ago that we said we would be releasing and here we are still..

So why is that?

HaJ was always intended as a fun little side project, just to see if we could actually do it. It was never intended to be a full on mod with strict releases and the like, just fun to make and play. The core team of the mod numbered around 6-8 people at any one time and through various “life” devices we simply do not have anywhere near the amount of free time we once did.

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The list is getting shorter.

Just a short (and hopefully sweet) update to let you all know progress is still occuring on the mod. We know its not as fast as you’d all like but we are getting there.

We have narrowed down exactly what we will be releasing the first version with and sorting out the outstanding issues (about 8 as I write this). Once that’s all done, we’ll give it a blast with our testers and then carefully unleash it onto you guys so we can get your opinions on it.

If you’re a forum regular you will have noticed some shuffling going on, thats to try and streamline everything ready for release. Hopefully nothing has been lost in the shuffle.